Staying COVID-19 secure in the UK

At One Stop we are committed to creating a safe environment for our customers and colleagues, whilst supporting our customers access to the essentials they need and supporting the wider community.

We have carried out detailed risk assessments and put in place a number of guidelines and measures which will be continuously reviewed and updated as necessary. These documents demonstrate how as a business we are complying with the latest UK Government guidance and working to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers.

Prior to publication, all risk assessments have been consulted on with our colleagues and reviewed by our local authority.

These documents are correct at the time of publication and are regularly reviewed. Documents continue to be updated in line with changes in UK Government guidance and new versions will be published from time to time after consultation with colleagues.

One Stop General Channels – Last Updated 26.11.21

One Stop Offices – Last updated 10.12.21

One Stop Retail – Last Updated 30.11.21

One Stop Distribution – Last Updated 19.07.21