vision and strategy

Our Core Purpose

"Serving local shoppers a little better every day" means that we want to be the best in our local neighbourhoods, but not just through the products that we sell and the look of our store. The key to being the best is to make a difference in our local communities – this is what really matters most to our customers, neighbours and our best store teams.

Our Vision

This is where we see ourselves in four year's time - i.e. what's on our horizon for our business so that we can achieve our Core Purpose.

Our Strategy

Is the plans that we will use to achieve our Vision and Core Purpose...

  • To grow our business, with new stores in the right location and tailored space reflecting the needs of local customers.
  • To have a great manager in every store and department, through training and development.
  • To have a digital strategy to engage with customers online, via social media and e-mail.
  • To give stores the tools and skills to build links with the local community and deliver great customer service.
  • To be stronger in fresh food, food to go and own label.
  • To grow our services offer.
  • To develop an innovative programme of initiatives to drive sales and simplify processes.
  • To trade responsibly, caring for the environment and the communities in which we trade, and providing employment opportunities.