We've switched to recyclable clear milk tops!

We’ve replaced the green, hard-to-recycle bottle tops on our British semi skimmed standard milk with clear recyclable lids.

Following a successful trial, in partnership with milk supplier Müller, the packaging change is now being rolled out across all of our stores.

The clear recyclable lids are initially available on semi skimmed standard milk, with the long-term aim to include skimmed and whole milk. You’ll still be able to distinguish between the different varieties by the coloured labelling on all milk bottles.

Neil Thomas, Head of Transformation here at One Stop said: “We’ve made the decision to implement this change across all semi-skimmed milk bottles first to have the biggest impact, with over 60% of milk sales coming from this variety.”

“We know that coloured lids are hard to recycle. By using clear caps which can be recycled into food-grade packaging, unlike coloured lids, we will increase the volume of recycled plastic available on the market.”

This change will mean an extra 16.5 metric tonnes of plastic packaging can now be more easily recycled each year. This initiative is another key step towards our goal of ensuring that 100% of packaging is recyclable across our own label range!

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