We’re bringing you great value and quality you can count on with our Selected by Tesco range.

With over 160 products to choose from including produce, meat, dairy, ready meals and desserts, you can enjoy top-quality food, without the price tag.

Keep an eye out for the Selected by Tesco stamp on a wide variety of products in your local store.



Five-a-day made easy

We’ve made it easy to get your five-a-day, with great quality and well priced fruit and veg, with sourcing standards that prioritise freshness.

Quality assured delicious meats

From succulent chicken to juicy burgers, you’ll find quality assured delicious meats across our range, with taste and flavour locked into every bite.

Convenient meals from around the world

From Italian to Asian inspired dishes, our ready meals and pizza’s will take you on a taste sensation around the world, all signed of with our signature taste and recipes.

Indulgently delicious desserts

With a wide range of Selected by Tesco desserts to choose from like delicious cheesecakes to flavourful profiteroles, you’ll definitely want to leave room for pudding!

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