We’re part of FareShare and Olio’s 200 Million Meals campaign!

We are thrilled to announce that we’re part of FareShare and Olio’s 200 Million Meals campaign. By joining the campaign, we’re reinforcing our commitment to addressing food waste and driving down food poverty.

In 2021, Olio and the charity FareShare collectively rescued and redistributed over 144 million meals. Over the next year OLIO and FareShare aim to save and redistribute, 200 million meals. It’s a simple goal, but an incredibly ambitious target. To put that into perspective, that would allow over 180 thousand people to enjoy 3 meals a day for one whole year.

FareShare, which is the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, redistributing surplus from the food industry through a network of more than 10,500 charities and community groups across the UK. FareShare | Fighting hunger, tackling food waste in the UK

Lindsay Boswell, Chief Executive at FareShare, said: “Our latest annual figures show the scale of just how many people have been struggling to get enough to eat, while so much good food goes to waste. We’re excited to be working with OLIO on this great campaign to help reduce food waste and ensure it feeds people, not landfill.”

Olio is the UK’s, number one free food sharing app, connecting neighbours and businesses within the local community, so they can give away, rather than throw away, surplus food. This food is collected regularly by OLIO’s network of 45,000 trained volunteer Food Waste Heroes. The Food Waste Heroes will then list the food on the OLIO app, making it available to their local community to come and collect and enjoy for free. Half of all food added to the app is requested within 30 minutes of posting. OLIO – The #1 Free Sharing App (olioex.com)

The 200 Million Meals Campaign, will be supported by the work of OLIO Food Waste Heroes who will cover areas where there’s either little charity coverage, charities can’t accommodate the type of food (e.g. frozen), or on days when charities are unable to collect.

Here at One Stop, we truly believe in this campaign and are thrilled to be invited to join and become one of the many companies that can provide the surplus food necessary to reach the incredible goal!

Neil Thomas, the Head of Transformation here at One Stop said the following: “At One Stop we are proud to be part of this movement to help put food in the hands of those who need it and save it from being needlessly thrown away.

“We’ve been working with OLIO and FareShare for the past few months and as a convenience store retailer with over 900 community stores, we know only too well how much people are struggling and the immediate benefits these initiatives create. Sadly, for too many they are serving as a lifeline during difficult times, showing why raising these record numbers has become so critical.

“In the past year we have donated 710,000 equivalent meals. We will be working closely with OLIO to increase this number, galvanise awareness and create pressure in the industry in order to reach more people who need this both now and in the future.”

To pledge your support and find out more about joining the 200 Million Meals coalition, please visit:

200 Million Meals | OLIO x FareShare for Businesses (olioex.com)

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