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How to put on the Ultimate BBQ!

Are you planning on having a summer filled with BBQ’s? We are sharing some top tips for you to take your BBQ to the next level!!🍗🍔

The next time you’re eyeing up a packet of sausages and thinking about heading outside to grill, think again. With these ideas, you’ll be taking your next BBQ up a level in no time.

1.Check out our Fire Pit Range!

Step up your BBQ game with these fire pit offers, from Kebabs to Sausages to Steak there’s something for everyone. Head to your local store to snap up our 2 for £7 fire pit deal!! Offers Subject to availability, offer ends 31.05.2022

2. Try one of these recipes

Mix up your BBQ and add one of these easy and delicious additions. We have three great recipes for you to choose from:

Amazing Mojito Mocktail 

Tasty Potato Salad 

Great Beef Kebabs 

3. Make a playlist 

What better way to lift the mood than with a banging playlist? Choose some fun summery tunes that you can play whilst you and your household get your BBQ on!

4. Play some garden games

Why not take your BBQ to the next level by playing some garden games? All the family can join in with these exciting activities like Bulldog, Duck Duck Goose, Ring Toss (if you have it) or any ball games you enjoy.

5. Don’t forget the sides

A BBQ is so much more than just throwing some meat on the grill and eating just that; rather, it should be a multi-dish occasion. The humble side dish rounds out a meal and is often overlooked. Corn on the cob or vegetable skewers, cook amazingly on the grill. Add to these crisp green salads, and the universal chips and dip to enjoy a true BBQ feast!

6. Room for Dessert?

Finish off your BBQ with some tasty desserts! Many delicious, sweet treats can be prepared on the BBQ. S’mores are a way to satisfy all your guests or try a banana sliced lengthways filled with chocolate. Wrap it in foil and place it over the dying embers of coals or low heat if gas. The banana goes soft and caramelly and is fantastic with the melted chocolate.

7. Beers and Ciders 

Pick up this 3 for £5 offer on Beers and Ciders. We’ve got a fantastic selection for you to choose from to ensure you’re covered for drinks.

( for the facts)

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