Cosy Night in Ideas

As Autumn draws in, the cold and dark nights are just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a cosy night in! It’s time to reach for the blankets, kick back and relax. We’ve got some great ideas to make your night the ultimate cosy night in!

1. Get comfy

One of the most important things of having a cosy night in is comfort. Reach out your warm winter hoodies and jumpers and get nice and snug on the sofa. Find a few pillows, kick back and relax. Why not put on some fluffy socks too, just to be that extra bit cosy?

2. Get some snacks

No cosy night in is complete without your favourite snacks. It is entirely up to you what snack you go for, but we recommend a big bag of popcorn, your favourite chocolate bar and some fluffy marshmallows. Why not pop into your local store and pick up our One Stop Sweet & Salted Popcorn 100g for just £1? Mmmm delicious!

3. Watch a film

Now you’re all comfy and have your favourite snacks at the ready you’ll need to choose a good film to get lost in. There’s always that one film that you’ve been meaning to watch, well now is the time. Scroll through your favourite streaming services to find your perfect film. Want to WIN a 12-month subscription to a top streaming service? Enter our competition HERE for your chance to WIN!

4. Discover a good book

If reading is more your style, then why not get curled up on the sofa with a great book? You can unwind and relax by finishing that book you’ve been meaning to get around to. We’d love to know what books you’re all reading, why not share with us in the comments below?

5. Enjoy some Hot Chocolate

Now that you’re comfy, you’ve got your snacks and you’ve got a film/book ready to go however there’s still one thing missing … complete your cosy night in with a warming cup of hot chocolate. Reach out your largest mug and make yourself a delicious Hot Chocolate. Why not treat yourself and add a bit of whipped cream and marshmallows on top too?

We hope you all enjoy your cosy night in and we’d love to know how you spend yours? Share your stories with us on Facebook or Instagram.


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