How to Beat the Blues this January

After the excitement of Christmas and New Years is over, we’re all left at a low when it comes to January. The weather is cold and there’s nothing much to look forward too. This is what is known as the January blues that many of face. However we’ve come up with some great ways you can help beat the January Blues and stay positive.


1.Walk the Dog

It’s always good for you to get outside no matter how cold the weather and what better way to do that than take your beloved dog on a walk. Try some new routes or visit local parks to mix it up a bit. Both you and your dog will love it.


2. Eat good food

Coming off the back of Christmas dinner and those boxing day leftovers everyone feels full and stodgy. So why not start January off right by cooking and preparing some healthy meals. Why not take a look at some of our recipes for inspiration.


3. Keep Busy 

It’s important to keep mentally and physically busy. This can be a great way to beat those January blues, going on a run is a fantastic way to keep busy or perhaps  you have a DIY project that you’ve been meaning to do.



4. Start a new hobby 

Starting a new hobby is a great way to kick of the year. Has there always been something you have an interest in you’d love to have a go at? Well now’s a better time than ever.


5. Connect with friends and family

Our friends and family are what matters most to us so in these difficult times it’s important to keep in contact with them. Even if you aren’t able to see them a Facetime or phone call is a great way to stay connected with them.


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