Indoor activities for all the family

With the ever-changing weather, sometimes it’s tricky to think of things to do inside to keep the family entertained, especially the kids. So, we’ve devised 5 fun activities that the whole family can take part in that will keep you entertained for hours upon end. So why not give some of these a go?

1. Easy Baking 

Put your apron on and head to the kitchen. This is a great family activity everyone will love. We’ve got an easy Vanilla cupcake recipe that’s super delicious. Click here for the recipe and give it a whirl!

2. Indoor Games

There are loads of games you can play indoors, Hide n’ Seek is a great one to get the whole family involved. What about a game of Twister or Jenga? A Jigsaw is a great one to commit to and to really focus on. Do you have any other board games lying around?

3. Get Creative

Let your creative side loose and get your arts and craft supplies out. There are a million craft activities you can do, like painting a picture, paper mâché with balloons, painting or colouring by numbers, decorate old toilet rolls or cereal boxes or even painting rocks. Be prepared to get a little messy.

4. Build a Fort

As a kid you can dream of being a Knight in a castle or a Princess who needs rescuing, well, let your kids’ imagination run wild by building a fort with them. Just use some blankets, throws, pillows and boxes and you can make whatever your kids imagine it to be. Why not decorate the fort with fairy lights or handmade bunting, or stars?

5. Have a Movie Night

Why not re-create a cinema at home? Choose a family favourite movie (there’s plenty of great streaming services out there to choose one from), draw the curtains and dim the lights like a cinema, get the kids some snacks like popcorn and sweets. To add some extra fun, the kids could design their own cinema tickets. It’s a great way to spend some proper quality time together.

What indoor activities are you doing at home? Be sure to tag us in your fun activities with the family at home on Facebook (/OneStopConvenienceStores) or on Instagram (@OneStopStoresUK).

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