National Sandwich Day

November 3rd is National Sandwich Day.

Sandwiches have been at the very core of the British menu for hundreds of years, getting it’s name from John Montagu the 18th Century Earl of Sandwich.

But enough of the history lesson, let’s talk favourite sarnies. We asked our Digital Team to tell us their favourites and why.


James, Social Media Manager

It’s too difficult to pick just one. So I’m being greedy and gone for two.

The Grilled Cheese

Can you go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich? Melted cheese encased within a case of toasted bread. When made right, they are just heavenly. They are also     very versatile. You can add all manner of condiment to enhance a grilled cheese sandwich. My personal favourite is pickle! Make sure you let it cool down though, otherwise the pickle is like molten lava!

The Bacon and Sausage

No discussion about the greatest sandwiches known to humankind is complete without talking about the bacon and sausage sandwich. It’s breakfast. It’s brunch. It’s lunch. It’s a staple of the British experience. The debate over whether you prefer red sauce or brown sauce has divided many a breakfast table and will do so for decades to come. Personally, give me brown sauce every day of the week. Also, lightly toast the bread for some crunch. It’s a culinary party and you’re absolutely invited. Not sure if you heard that noise but it was the sound of me firing up the grill to make one of these right now.

Lizzie, Social Media Executive –

The Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Call me boring, but the sandwich which has to be top tier is a traditional ham & cheese. Add crisps, mayo, salad and controversially, or not in my opinion, grapes! Or better yet, all the above. The traditional ham & cheese sarnie is unbeatable, perfect for any weather, occasion and particularly good after a busy weekend with a bowl of tomato soup. Delicious.


Jordan, UX Executive

The Chicken Salad Sandwich

What more can be said about the humble chicken salad sandwich. Juicy Chicken breast, succulent tomato, crunchy lettuce and an unhealthy amount of mayo all make up the greatest sandwich known to man. If I’m enjoying this for lunch you know it’s going to be a great day. Sometimes if I’m feeling extra adventurous with my sandwich and will add in a few slices of cucumber to really elevate it to the next level. Pure perfection!


Sarah, UX Executive

The Tuna Mayo

A favourite sandwich? I’ll go with Tuna Mayo. It’s an easy-to-make and filling and mayo adds an extra touch to it. It can also be versatile as you can have whatever bread you like and add salad like lettuce, cucumber or sweetcorn. Can’t go wrong.


What’s you’re favourite sandwich and why? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram using #OneStopSandwichDay and we’ll share some of our favourites ones.

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    Wendy Goold 3rd November 2021

    Im a one stop sarnie expert as o work for one stop haha. My absolute favourite is the ham and cheese sub roll, followed by our egg mayo. Such delicious sandwiches haha

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