We have partnered with the free food sharing app OLIO, with surplus food from One Stop now available to all OLIO app users. This allows us as a company to further reduce our food waste as well as helping others within the community. The partnership with Olio forms part of the 200 Million Meals campaign which One Stop recently joined.

All our 900 plus stores are linked with Olio, allowing all our store operators to contact the ‘OLIO Food Waste Heroes’ informing them that there is surplus food available at any particular store, which is released for free. This food is then collected regularly by OLIO’s network of 45,000 trained volunteer ‘Food Waste Heroes’ who list the food on the OLIO app, making it readily available to their local community.

We have found whilst working with Olio that there are many great reasons for this partnership, but a really powerful proposition provided by the ‘Olio Food Waste Heroes’ is that they’re able to cover areas where there’s either little charity coverage or charities can’t accommodate the type of food (e.g. frozen), or on days when charities are unable to collect.

We are truly thrilled to join Olio, both for the mission and values that they represent, but also for the technological solution that the app provides. Show your support and download Olio – The #1 Free Sharing App, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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