How to put on the Ulimate BBQ at Home!

Thinking of putting on a BBQ for you and your family at home? We’ve got some great tips to make sure you put on the ultimate BBQ!

Check out some tips below:

1. Write a checklist

This is a useful tip that can help you be super organised when hosting a BBQ. Write down everything you need from equipment to food to drinks. This way you will make sure nothing gets left out and everyone is happy.


2. Make a playlist

What better way to lift the mood than with a banging playlist? Choose some fun summery tunes that you can play whilst you and your household get your BBQ on!


3. Play some garden games

Why not take your BBQ to the next level by playing some garden games? All the family can join in with these exciting activities like Bulldog, Duck Duck Goose, Ring Toss (if you have it) or any ball games you enjoy.

4. Use the meat from your fridge or freezer

This is a great way to use up that meat that’s been sitting in the bottom on your freezer or the back of your fridge. You can use chicken, burgers or sausages, whatever you have, and clear up some space too!


5. Get the kids involved

With children off school they’re probably as bored as the next person so why not get them involved in planning? How about getting them to create some fun bunting or garden decorations? Just use some white bunting (if you have any) or cut out triangles from a spare white bed sheet or use white paper, which they can paint or decorate however they want. Then hang up around the garden for a splash of colour!


6. Try one of these recipes

Mix up your BBQ and add one of these easy and delicious additions. We have three great recipes for you to choose from:

Crunchy Coleslaw

Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Super Strawberry Smoothie


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